working together

Here at 4 steps, we love to work with other charities, companies and individuals  to bring support, comfort and suitable help to those in need across the  midlands.

We have built many partnerships over the past 19 years and we will be adding and growing  more over the weeks to  come.

The past 6 months have shown us the importance of building strong connections, the importance of supporting other organisations and improving and adding to our amazing service.

We are supporting families hit hard by the COVID 19 crisis and the families who find themselves in difficult situations.

We look forward to showing you all the companies we are working with, so please keep checking in with us to find out more.

Thank you all for your continues support and encouragement. 4 steps to a smile is just hitting a mile stone and we are growing bigger and stronger.  We challenge ourselves to help and support more people each year. With our partners anything is possible.