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My names Liz and I’m a trustee

I joined after I had donated to Christmas and Easter appeals each year and felt I wanted to help as much as I could throughout the year.
Celebrating such a big anniversary reminds me of how far a little charity that started in in Linda’s living room has grown.

From securing our own premises, to providing over 10000.00 Christmas gifts, free school uniform, to helping families during lock down. we have become flexible and adaptable to our ever changing climate.
I’m always proud to be a trustee and carry out my duties with pride. I’m so happy to see just how many people have benefited from our services and cannot wait to see how many more people we can reach in the coming years. 


Hi, my name is Joanne and I became a trustee for 4 Steps to a Smile as I've personally experienced the effects domestic violence has on a family. Being bundled into a car in the middle of the night and taken to safety. Fortunately we had family to love and take care of our Mom and us, but sadly not everyone has that support network. Often people find themselves isolated from their family for various reasons and have nowhere to turn.

I wanted to be a Trustee of 4 Steps to a Smile as they offer an extended hand of care to those in need and become an honorary family network. I was first introduced to Linda by my friend and originally began by purchasing a tag and offering to help write Christmas tags at Linda's House. I was then gifted with the wonderful opportunity to be a Trustee. I'm incredibly honoured to be a Trustee and watching Linda and the charity grow from strength to strength, day by day and year by year is so inspiring.


2021 is the 20th anniversary of 4 Steps to a Smile and with the help of our truly amazing volunteers that I don't know what we would do without, I'm looking forward to the future of 4 Steps to a Smile and its continuous growth, and further enabling the charity to be a fundamental community care. 


My name is Andrea and i am a trustee for 4 steps to a smile.


About 7 years ago I came across Linda handing out gift tags for 4 steps from a small pitch in the Old square shopping centre and thought how amazing to give a gift to a child who would otherwise by unlikely to receive one. After initially having a couple of tags this expanded to a couple of hundred over the years as I really wanted to do something to help.


Once people heard how amazing 4 steps is, it has grown in size with over 10,000 gifts this year for children and adults in need plus the incredible Kierans stars that gives Christmas to families in need. I am so proud to say I am a part of this and look forward to watching it continue to grow and help many more people. 

My names Danielle.


I became a trustee because I wanted to put the skills that I had gained in my working life into helping people. I came across 4 Steps To A Smile around a year before applying to be a trustee.


I thought the same as most people when they first come across us in the Christmas appeal- how amazing to be able to buy a gift for someone in need and know you’ve made their day a bit brighter. Since first becoming a trustee, 4 Steps has gone from strength to strength. We have an amazing group of volunteers who keep the cogs turning and do it all out of the love for helping people in need.


Linda’s determination and vision is one to be admired and I know with everyone involved in the charity, as we approach our 20th year, where ever the world takes us, we will succeed in adapting, growing and most importantly being their for the people who need us most.