Our work during the Covid-19 crisis 

March brought us a very unprecedented situation that threw the world into Chaos.


We as a charity needed to jump into action in a way we never thought we would but we never run away from a problem and we came together with other organisations to bring help and support to families and individuals during this pandemic.

We were able to assist in the distribution of food, donated by McDonald's, Morrisons, Tesco, M&S and Asda.

The food was given to other food banks and kitchens around the West Midlands. This helped to feed the homeless and the Elderly plus many families in need.

We donated food to the Stan Bull Centre in Bloxwich, Blakenall Community food bank and we also donated to Walsall Manor Hospital and West Midlands Ambulance Service.

All these organisations worked throughout this crisis, to which we are immensely grateful and proud to be apart of.

The increase in Domestic Abuse during the crisis has led to an increase in people leaving their homes and finding refuge.

We have been able to supply clothing, for adults and children, toiletries and toys, when they fled with nothing.

We have also, because of your amazing donations, been able to provide home starter packs for those leaving the refuges, to start a new life.

We are continuing to support those in need due to hardship brought on by this ongoing crisis, our work in just beginning.

We will stand with and support those who need help in the coming months and we are putting together new projects and applying to work with more communities.

If you feel we could help you or your organisation then please contact us.

We are always in need of your support so please, if you can help us contact us via email or call us.