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Old Square Shopping Centre Walsall - We Love You!

25 Nov 2016

Each and every year, Old Square Shopping centre Walsall, have kindly provided us with facilities and received presents galore on our behalf at Christmas and Easter.  We can’t thank the team at Old Square enough for their amazing support every year! 

If you have a gift to bring to us, you can bring them to Old Square Shopping Centre and ask any security guard to take the gifts on our behalf.  If you want to come and meet the 4 Steps To A Smile team, check on our Facebook page for times and dates.  All gifts need to be returned no later than the 5th December, which is collection day for our charities.

Christmas 2016 Thank you so much!

17 Dec 2016

As our 2016 campaign draws to a close and we have our own Christmas celebrations to look forward to.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that took time out to request tags and help distribute them, the gifts have been wonderful, every year we are amazed by the generosity you show, many of you have also made donations, thank you. Without your help none of our work would be possible. We rely solely on donations to keep us going throughout the
We totally understand all of the hard work and dedication you put in to helping us year after year.. WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT.

Just a few people that helped fundraise for us this year... Thank you
Lisa Humph ran a Charity event Clubbersize for 90mins non-stop dancing, and raising £200 it was amazing, thank you, Paul James O`Reilly who made a great donation of over £300 ,Phil Marsh held a bonfire party and raised £260 for us, Anu Watkins who gave Linda £500 towards 4 Steps as my wedding gift, thank you so very much, we had many companies involved this year Co-Op, Virgin Trains, Lox Hairdressers, Bliss Hairdressers and of course The Old Square Shopping Centre and all the Security Staff. They make it possible. Thank you for the past 15 Years. Here`s to the next 15 years...

The total for gifts this year was a whopping 5700
we managed to help 90 Social workers and 34 different charities throughout the Midlands. Well done to everyone involved.

As Christmas morning approaches, please take a moment to sit back and think of the SMILES you helped create. I promise you that the Children will be so happy, even if it is for a short period of time, as life still goes on for them, we hope that just for a short moment they can remove themselves from the sadness that may they live with on a daily basis. and we hope that we do not see their names on our lists next year, and that they found their forever home, with a loving family .

Please take a moment out of your busy lives and take a look at our pictures, and our plans for 2017, 2018. Thank you for your support and generosity , from the Team at 4Steps To A Smile we Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Keeran's Stars

10 Dec 2016

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when our first Keeran’s Stars were awarded.  Click the button to watch the video to find out about the amazing surprise one of our 4 stars was in store for.

15 years so many memories

18 Dec 2016

15 Years ago Linda began the 4 Steps To A Smile Christmas Campaign, collecting 50 presents for Children living in Women's Refuges within the West Midlands.  The Christmas 2016 campaign saw a massive 5700 presents distributed to vulnerable children within the region.  To date 4 Steps To A Smile has distributed 31,263 presents at Christmas at an estimated value of £518,724.00

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