Keeran's Stars

Linda Sandhar founder of 4 Steps To A Smile, shared with us the inspirational story of her daughter Keeran.  Although Linda’s memories are painful, she wanted Keeran’s life to be remembered through a star, and thats why 4 Steps To A Smile are launching

Keeran’s Story


Keeran was my daughter. She lived for a short while, and was loved from the moment of me finding out I was pregnant.  I was unloved in my marriage and couldn’t see the light, just sheer darkness, to have a child and the love you have from them is just beautiful. No pain, no hurt, no bruises, just a heart and life full of love.

When I went into labour at 7 months I was advised that they were going to delay the contractions I was so excited that I asked so many questions, the whys and the whats. The doctors gave me a look of sorrow,  I didn’t understand. I was in an abusive marriage and they seemed to be aware, maybe seeing my hospital records, the bruises, who knows, they just kept quiet most of the time, occasionally asking if I was ok and if I needed to talk.  " I’m ok" I would say with excitement.  I wasn’t going home to face any abuse that day so it was a good day.

The contractions didn’t stop after everything they tried, Keeran was in distress so I was given an emergency section.  My baby was born.  She weighed just over 2lb.  She was rushed straight to neo-natal.  I didn’t get to see her for over 7 hours.  Her heart rate was very low and her lungs had not developed yet.  I was asked to go into the neo-natal ward the next day and I thought the baby photographers had arrived.  When I got into the room where my baby was, I looked at the heart monitor and asked the doctors the question. Is my baby going to die?  The doctors looked at me and said we are so sorry, but yes, her lungs have shattered and she is being kept alive with our machines.

"Is your husband here?  We will need you to make a decision, we can keep her alive for another few hours or you can opt to turn the machine off?"  My husband was not there and had to be called in, we both made the decision to keep her alive for as long as we could. She lived for a further 2 hours. I held her and tried my hardest to keep her warm, but all the blankets and love couldn’t keep her from going cold in my arms.  I loved her with all my heart. I dressed her in a beautiful white dress and carried her little white coffin alone as my husband was busy playing football. I said my goodbyes and held on to my memories, then made my way back to the life I knew.

So, as I share this life experience with you, I would like to let Keeran’s life live on through a Star.

This is why 4 Steps To A Smile is launching



4 Steps To A Smile are asking for YOUR nominations on who should be one of Keeran’s Stars


Do you know a family or person whose hearts may have broken this year? 

Do you know a family or person that needs hope, while their world has fallen apart?

Perhaps you know a person family that needs strength? 


The family or person that you nominate could receive a surprize they will never forget!

Keeran's Stars

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