Getting Help

We know how hard it can be to ask for help, it can be even harder when you’re not sure how safe you are.  This page gives links to websites and numbers that we think may help, from deleting your search history to free phone advice lines.  Remember if you or someone you know are in immediate danger call 999.
0808 2000 247

Freephone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline Run in partnership between Women’s Aid & Refuge.


Domestic abuse can seriously harm children and young people. Witnessing domestic abuse is child abuse, and teenagers can suffer domestic abuse in their relationships.

If you think there is an emgergency, please call 999

Freephone NSPCC 0808 800 5000


The Hideout offers support to children and teenagers affected by domestic violence, or who are in a violent relationship themselves.

4 Steps To A Smiles Strength project will be running throughout 2016, if you're interested in taking part please contact or click on the header for more details.

Ran by Womens Aid this page helps you to think about potential abuse in your relationship.  Everyone has arguments, and everyone disagrees with their partners, family members and others close to them, and we all do things at times that we regret.  But if this begins to form a consistent pattern, then it is an indication of domestic violence and abuse

There is an increasing range of legal orders that can be used to protect survivors of domestic abuse.  Find out more at the Victim Support website

Warning: if you are worried about someone knowing you have visited this website please read the following safety information.

The Survivor’s Handbook, by Women's Aid provides practical support and information for women experiencing domestic abuse, with simple guidance on every aspect of seeking support.

The main reason a woman stays with an abusive partner is because she loves him.  Being dismissive of that love will not help your friend.  This link provides information and support for the friends and families of  survivors

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