Frequently  asked questions

Why can’t we wrap the gifts?

The children who receive ours gifts are some of the most vulnerable children in our region.  Gifts must be checked to ensure child safety by social workers and carers of these children.  It can be heart-breaking to see how some gifts are so beautifully wrapped, to then have to unwrap them.  Gift bags are great for 4 Steps To A Smile as they help protect and separate gifts, but they can also be checked easily.


Can I have a Tag?

Of course you can.  Please email us at with the amount of tags you require and your details. 

Do the gifts go overseas?

4 Steps To A Smile is a charity based in the West Midlands and all gifts go to vulnerable children within our region.  We are hoping in years to come to serve a wider part of our country.

Who receives the Gifts? 

We work closely with children’s care homes, hospices, women’s refuges and hospitals to name just a few of the organisations we serve.  For child protection reasons, we are unable to say the actual names of these institutions where sadly some of our region’s most vulnerable children reside.  What we can say is that these gifts mean so much to the children that receive them.

I work for an institution that looks after vulnerable children can I organise gifts from 4 Steps To A Smile?

Yes! Please email Linda at

I don’t have time for extra Christmas shopping can I make a donation?

Yes, please!  Christmas time is a very expensive time for 4 Steps To A Smile, postage, petrol and buying last minute gifts all can mount up quickly.  You can donate as little as a £1 and you know this donation will be used to help put smiles on the faces of some of our region’s most vulnerable children.

Everyone at my company wants to get involved how can we help?

Brilliant, email and we can arrange for a list of tags to be sent to you


Are you a registered charity?

Yes, we are, our registration number is 1162729


How much should I spend on a gift?

That is completely up to you.  The tag may have a specific item request for example “Shower Gel” or a general request “Stationery” It’s completely up to you, how you grant that wish although we do ask for new items and not used or second hand.


Can I give a child some money?

If you would like to gift a child with a voucher that is most welcome, especially with the older children and teenagers, however we are not able to accept money in this way.  We do ask that money is not put in gift bags although you can donate by clicking here.


Where do the gifts need to be returned to?

We ask that once you have purchased your gift to our friends at the Old Square Shopping centre Walsall, where they have a secure unit to keep the gifts in.  Please ask a security guard at the Old Square for more details.

There is a child’s name on the Tag, will that child receive my gift?

All names are correct at time of distribution and everyone involved works their hardest to ensure the gift goes to that child.  Due to the nature and unpredictably of the system, rehousing and potentially foster placements arising.  Gifts are sometimes not able to reach the intended child however, gifts that didn’t make their way to the named child, will be given to children in emergency crisis situations at Christmas.


Can I deliver my gift to the child?

The children we help are very vulnerable and are protected by law.  It is therefore not possible to arrange such delivery’s.  However, what we do ask is that on Christmas Day you think about the child whose wish you granted and know that in such a simple way that child know they’ve been thought about. 


I’ve received a tag with such a small request, must I only buy what has been requested or can I buy more?

We’ve all seen a tag similar and its heart breaking how modest the requests can be.  We would never ask you to buy more than what is on the tag, however if you wanted to add more that would be very thoughtful of you.