Christmas 2014 

... The year it all went crazy!



As you're probably already aware, we started off covering five charities in 2004, and each year the vision was to help more and more children. We went from strength to strength, and 2014 was the year where we covered the most charities; a whopping 21 throughout the West Midlands!


The Charities we were able to help included; the Local Women's refuge, Young Carers, Banardos, on-call Social Workers and Birmingham Children's Hospital, to name a few. This means we managed to put a smile on 3963 children's faces.


A huge thank you to Social Media for enabling us to reach out to more and more people every year. Everyone that was involved seemed to be on a personal mission to get as many presents as they could, getting their companies, colleagues, families, pets (only kidding!), children, local schools and supermarkets involved.


If only you could see the children's faces, you would realise just what a difference the gifts make, and all because you decided to help! 

It was a phenomenal success, beyond our wildest dreams.


Thank you all so very much.






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