Sarah's Story

We met Sarah in one of our first Strength meetings.  At her first session she told us, that she hadn’t realised she had been experiencing domestic abuse from the beginning of her relationship with Rob.  She told us how thankful she was that someone just listened, gave her information and trusted her to decide what was best for her.  "What I really have learned from attending Strength Sessions is that I can't stop Rob's temper, but I can do things to increase mine and my child’s safety, I have now made a safety plan and feel that I'm finally beginning to take control of my life."


All names have been changed to protect "Sarah" and her family.  We at 4 Steps would like to thank Sarah for allowing us to share her story, and we hope to update Sarah's Journey in the near future.


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For information or help regarding domestic violence here are some helpful links: 


"I'm no longer saying - I'm damaged, I have trust issues, I'm broken - I'm now saying - I'm healing, I'm rediscovering myself, I am strong"


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