Established in 2001 with a simple mission: No child should go without. 

Our founder Linda Sandhar-Haynes began visiting women’s refuges in 2001, to ask how many children were sheltering there that Christmas and how many gifts each refuge needed. She hadn’t got a lot, but what she had got was compassion and a personal understanding of exactly how the children and mother's felt, for she too had experienced the life of living in a women's refuge with her daughter.

More than 15 years later and we have provided thousands of gifts to vulnerable children throughout the West Midlands, where we have extended our help to Children's homes, and parents and children entering the emergency care system.

4 Steps To A Smile was awarded charitable status in 2015, and has a clear purpose: to help vulnerable People and Children. 

Linda has since delivered a number of  emotional and inspirational keynote speeches at various locations.

Over the years, we have introduced:

  • Welcome to the Future Packs – for women in refuges that have fled from an unhealthy relationship. These packs can include up to 10 items to help in the first few weeks of the future.

  • Bundles of Joy – packs of children's and babies clothing along with products, to help in the first few months of the future.

  •  Community food bank - Helping to feed those in need of support.

  • Pre-loved shopping outlet


And still to come in the near future:

We will also be launching Birthdays, so all vulnerable children will get a Birthday Present.

None of this would be possible without the wonderful support we have from the general public, as we rely solely on donations.

This is just the beginning...

Linda x

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